A+ Flute Stands

These flute stands are made of solid oak, contain 5 pegs, and fold up for easy storage and transport.
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Bass Flute Crutch

CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK!!!! This easy to use crutch helps support the weight of the bass flute. It rests on the player's leg helping to balance the instrument and distribute the weight of the bass flute.

Yamaha Lip Plate Patch

The Yamaha Lip Plate Patch prevents the lips of the performer from slipping during a lute performance. Package contains 15 patches.


Make your flute easier to hold and, simply, more comfortable. Instead of hard plastic, FluteGels are made of soft, ultra comfortable gel. The unique no-slip surface helps keep hands in the correct position. Installs in seconds to any flute. Each pack contains 2 FluteGels: one for the left index finger, and one for the right thumb. Long-lasting and easy to keep clean.