Bernhard Hammig

Bernhard Hammig’s flutes are all created to be tools to sculpt air: made by flutists for flutists, we know what type of instrument you are looking for at each stage of your career.

Herr Bernhard Hammig comes from a family tradition of instrument making that is over 200 years old. Knowledge of the hand crafting of instruments was passed down from father to son, with the inheritor improving upon the design of the father’s work, while all the time respecting the core of the family’s hand method for crafting the finest instruments available.

Warranty: All products come with a one year non-transferable manufacturer's warranty, covering all defect in materials and workmanship. Proof of purchase from an authorized dealer is required.

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Hammig M2 MKII Flute

This Bernhard Hammig M2 MKII flute is made from .950 tubing from Germany and has a plated mechanism.

Bernhard Hammig Magic Crown

There has not been a new product like this in the market for flute in over thirty years that will do so much for flutes: quicken response while making the whole instrument more colorful and alive.
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Bernhard Hammig 14K Gold Headjoint

14K Gold Headjoint made by Bernhard Hammig.

Bernhard Hammig 15% Gold Blend Headjoint

This Bernhard Hammig headjoint is made with a 15% gold blend with a silver riser.

Bernhard Hammig 22K Red Gold Headjoint

22K Red Gold Headjoint made by Bernhard Hammig.

Bernhard Hammig 9K Red Gold Headjoint

9K red gold headjoint made by Bernhard Hammig

Bernhard Hammig Silver Headjoint

94.5% silver headjoint made by Bernhard Hammig