Emerson Flutes

Emerson Flutes are an affordable and quality line of flutes made in the U.S.A. and historically the first factory-produced flute to use the William Bennett scale. Designed with exquisite care and painstakingly crafted with the finest materials, the Emerson brand has long been considered one of the best in its price range. Conceived by artisans, flutists and educators these flutes are designed to suit the musical demands of those seeking reliability, beauty of tone, and exact intonation.

The Boston Legacy series is another fine achievement by Emerson brand with its exacting style and streamlined details of construction. When you hold an Emerson Flute, you’re holding an American-made, hand-assembled, hand-finished work of art.

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Emerson Flute 88B

Sterling silver headjoint and body, silver-plated keys, offset G, closed hole and B foot. Serial #1660

Emerson Flute EF-8B

Sterling silver headjoint, body and footjoint, silver-plated keys, inline G, open hole and B foot. Serial #8055478
$2,260.00 $1,419.00

Boston Legacy Ironwood Piccolo

This Boston Legacy piccolo has Ironwood body and bubble style headjoint, silver plated keys
$3,120.00 $2,249.00

Boston Legacy Grenadilla Piccolo

This Boston Legacy piccolo has the finest grenadilla wood body and bubble style headjoint, silver-plated keys
$2,985.00 $2,159.00