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Voxman - Selected Duets Vol. 2

This classic series of duets for like instruments is recognizable to nearly everyone who has ever studied an instrument. The wealth of material supplements musical development and provides a rich experience for growing musicians. Duet playing is often a student's first form of ensemble experience - technique, tone quality, intonation and balance are introduced as students do one of the things they enjoy most - making music with a friend. And duet playing leads easily and naturally to competent performance in larger ensembles. (Vol. 2 – Medium to Advanced)

Voxman - Selected Studies for Flute

Advanced Etudes, Scales and Arpeggios in All Major and All Minor Keys.

You Can Play Ukulele Today! - James Hill & J. Chalmers Doane

Play Ukulele Today! covers all the essentials: tuning, a handful of chords, the major scale and half-a-dozen great songs to sing, pick, and strum. Written by the authors of the Ukulele in the Classroom series, this exciting new beginner book is the quickstart guide for everyone!

Zyman, Samuel - Sonata No. 2

For flute and piano. Samuel Zyman's Sonata No. 2 is a sequel to his celebrated first sonata in name only. Commissioned by Marisa Canales for premiere at the 2016 NFA Convention, Sonata No. 2 is a 19-minute powerhouse in two movements, both of which dramatically contrast slow misterioso sections with folkloristic fiery dances. For advanced performers.

Paganini-24 Caprices (arr. by Marina PIccinini)

In this new edition, virtuoso flutist Marina Piccinini presents her arrangements of Paganini’s violin Caprices for flute. These iconic showpieces are, in Piccinini’s words “...not mere technical challenges, but inspired miniatures of extraordinary intensity.” Piccinini’s new arrangements of the Caprices remain true to Paganini’s uncompromising artistic vision and showcase an array of challenging techniques that idiomatically exploit the unique tone and expressive range of the flute.

Maquarre, Andre - Daily Exercises for the Flute

Seven daily technique exercises utilizing all major and minor keys.

Cavally, Robert - Melodious and Progressive Studies Book 1

From Andersen, Gariboldi, Koehler and Terschak. Revised by Robert Cavally.

Cavally, Robert - Melodious and Progressive Studies Book 2

From Andersen, Gariboldi, Koehler and Terschak. Revised by Robert Cavally.

Robison, Paula - Flute Warmups Book

All performers need a good warmup before starting to work. “Through the years I have made a collection of my favorite warmups. They were inspired by teachers of all kinds, from all areas of life. It’s now my pleasure to share them with you.”

Wye & Morris - The Orchestral Flute Practice Book 1

With practice notes, technical information and the standard orchestral extracts.

Baxtresser, Jeanne - Orchestral Excerpts for Flute with Piano Accompaniment

Already a staple in flute pedagogy, former New York Philharmonic principal flutist Jeanne Baxtresser’'s Orchestral Excerpts for Flute becomes even more essential with this revised edition containing over 50 of the most-requested audition pieces, including Mahler'’s Das Lied von der Erde, Ravel’s Daphnis et Chloe, Stravinsky'’s Petrouchka, and dozens more. This newly enhanced edition is packed with helpful tips and performance notes, additional errata, new and alternate fingerings, suggested tempi for all pieces, plus two updated, professional, principal flute audition lists. As required literature for more and more college courses, Orchestral Excerpts For Flute: Revised Edition is a must-have flute book for advanced players.