Flute Solos

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Buss, Howard - Wave Train

For flute and piano. The interaction of the lyrical melodies in this beautiful and frequently performed work is reminiscent of the patterns created by intermingling waves on the surface of water. Grade 4-5. Duration: 6'15".

Caliendo, Christopher - Meditazione (meditation)

For flute & piano. A composition inspired by the composer's sister for her marriage. Delicately "classical," this meditation captures the loving couple's "base" make-up - that material, sweet and innocent and the forthcoming challenges that lie ahead.

Clarke, Ian - Deep Blue & Beverley

Deep Blue for flute & piano. Beverley for solo flute.

Clarke, Ian - Hatching Aliens

For flute and piano.

Clarke, Ian - Hypnosis

For flute & piano

Clarke, Ian - Orange

for flute & piano

Clarke, Ian - Spiral Lament

For flute & piano.

Clarke, Ian - T R K s

For Flute & CD

Clarke, Ian - The Great Train Race

The Flute As You Don't Usually Hear It! for solo flute (B & C foot version).

Clarke, Ian - The Mad Hatter

for flute and piano.

Clarke, Ian - Touching the Ether

For flute & piano.