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Hoover, Katherine - Winter Spirits

For solo flute. Influenced by Native American music, Winter Spirits is indicative of the music which has used the flute to honor and invite beneficial Native American spirits for countless ages.

Hudelson, Brandy - Wild Nightingale

For solo flute. The Wild Nightingale is a solo beatbox flute work based on the French folk song "Rossignolet du bois," which means, "The Nightingale of the woods." The second line of the song, "rossignolet sauvage," which translates to "wild nightingale," was the inspiration for this solo. Wild Nightingale uses phonemes to mimic the song's French text, while trills and virtuosic passages imitate the sounds of the nightingale. The incorporation of beatboxing transforms this traditional song into a new, wilder variation. *Song text and translation included with score

Nielsen, Carl - Concerto for Flute and Orchestra

Flute and piano reduction. This Flute concerto mirrors the more modernistic currents of the 1920s and was composed for and premiered by the flautist Gilbert Jespersen.

Nielsen, Carl - Fantasy Pieces

Opus 2 arranged for flute and piano. Carl Nielsen's Two Fantasy Pieces Op.2 are 2 contrasting pieces for the advancing oboist arranged for flute by editors James Galway and Toke Lund Christiansen. The piece begins with a lyrical Romanze and concludes with a rhythmic and punchy Humoresque. For flute with Piano accompaniment. The flute part is also included on a separate insert.

Rodrigo, Joaquín - Concierto Rodrigo

For flute and piano. This delightful concerto was written for the celebrated flutist James Galway, to whom the work is dedicated. Joaquín Rodrigo uses a small orchestra with deft colouring to support his soloist and there is a definite feeling of freedom and joy in the outdoors about the work. There are three movements, which all feature Galway’s great virtuosity but the central movement bears the weight of the concerto, as it does in his Concierto de Aranjuez: an Adagio tinged with melancholy which is interrupted by an Allegro in pastoral rhythm announced by the flute and passing in turn to the various instruments of the orchestra in different keys; after a brilliant cadenza for the flute it then resolves into an Allegretto for the return to the melodic theme.

Snyder, Randall - Dream of Naksongdae

For solo flute. The composer wrote this work while studying the Taegum, the Korean bamboo transverse flute. It was originally written for the Taegum, but here is adapted for the modern flute. "Music with a distictly Korean flavor." Grade 5-6.

Snyder, Randall - Lyric Sonata

Combines traditional forms with neo Romantic melody and harmony. While at times paying subtle homage to Old World masters such as Prokofiev, Shostokovich and Martinu, the intriguing use of jazz inflections gives the work a distinctively American flavor. Grade 5. Duration: 15'.

Taffanel, Paul - Fantasie (On Themes from "Der Freischutz" by C.M. Von Weber)

For flute and piano. This Fantasy is one of five grandes fantaisies on famous late 19th century operas. The Freischutz fantasy may well be Taffanel's most accomplished piece. Based on what is considered the first great Romantic opera (Der Freischutz was composed by Carl Maria von Weber [1786-1826] between 1817 and 1821), its musical richness imbues the piece with an epic spirit. Far from being a mere catalog of operatic themes and variations, the fantasy builds on three arias: Agathe's "leise, leise fromme Weise" (Act II); Max's aria with cello solo (Act III, Finale) and Annchen's arriette: "Kommt ein schlanker Bursch gegangen" (Act II).

Tower, Joan - Flute Concerto

For flute and orchestra (piano reduction). Dedicated to Carol Wincenc.

Vogel, Roger C. - Excursions

For flute and piano. This beautiful work is in 2 movements: The first is fast and in an extraverted mood. The second consists of a haunting slow section with a brisk conclusion that returns to the mood of the first movement. A great addition to your personal music library and your next concert! Grade 5. Duration 18'.

Schocker, Gary - Velvet

For alto flute and piano. Duration: 4:00 (2014)

Mozart Concerto No. 1 in G Major, K. 313

for Flute & Piano Reduction Series: Henle Music Folios Publisher: Henle Urtext Edition Format: Softcover Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Editors: Siegfried Petrenz, András Adorján, Robert D. Levin Edited by András Adorján. Piano reduction by Siegfried Petrenz. Cadenzas by Robert D. Levin.