WHAT is Fluterscooter?

Fluterscooter flute bags began in 2011 with one silver bag and a dream.  After realizing the need for a more stylish case cover for flutists, founder and flutist Andrea "Fluterscooter" Fisher started the fun and fashionable line, which is now worn by today's leading flutists such as Carol Wincenc, Jasmine Choi, Paula Robison, Flutronix, and many flute teachers, soloists, and orchestral players throughout the world.  

Fluterscooter flute bags are fashionable yet practical, with an array of colors and styles.  The signature purse straps give the bags a couture look, but the thick shearling lining and interior velcro straps secure and protect the flute.  Fluterscooter's philosophy is that there should be an equally beautiful case cover for the beautiful instrument inside.  

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Fluterscooter Silver Bag

The ultimate luxury in flute case covers. Couture, high gloss thick synthetic material, adjustable shoulder strap; Lined outside pocket. Plush, white faux shearling interior. Two adjustable interior straps to snugly fit any style case. Waterproof. Fits both a flute and piccolo or a double flute/piccolo case. Ample room for sheet music and other accessories.

Fluterscooter Messenger Bag

This bag is not only unisex, but it can comfortably fit large sheet music and scores, flute, piccolo, even a laptop or Ipad! Thick tweed material with brown leather straps. Crushed black velvet interior with 2 roomy pockets inside to hold any accessories and adjustable flute/piccolo strap on bottom.
$300.00 $270.00

Fluterscooter Backpack

A Fluterscooter gig bag that also holds sheet music! 3 large pockets. Large pocket has enough room for 2 flutes and a piccolo, laptop/Ipad, and sheet music. Medium pocket has compartments for tuner, metronome, pencils, and flute accessories. Small front pocket for anything else! Black Patent or Light Brown Leather. Weatherproof.
$330.00 $300.00

Fluterscooter Pumpkin Spice

This limited edition "Pumpkin Spice" pumpkin colored suede bag with beige leather straps and accents is perfect for the fall season! Thick white shearling lining with adjustable straps. Fits B or C foot flute cases and piccolo. Roomy front pocket with polka dot interior has plentiful room for all your flute accessories.
$250.00 $225.00