Hercules Alto Flute Stand

Alto flute stand SFF-coated Alto Flute peg detaches for storage Swivel Legs with locking pins fit around other equipment Peg hole on leg lets you store another instrument without using extra floor space (see available pegs) Carrying bag included

Weight: 0.68kg (1.5 lbs)

Height: 345mm (13.58")

Load capacity: 5kg (11.02lbs)

Folded size: 315x100 mm (12.7x3.9")

* Because some alto flutes are asymmetrical, the Alto Flute Peg is not designed to be added onto the open taps of other stands. To avoid damage to your instrument, if you need to place more woodwind instruments onto the stand, we recommend using the Alto Flute Stand and adding other instrument pegs to the open taps.

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