Tom Green Flutes

In 1983, flute maker Tom Green began working as an independent flute maker after 24 years working in the production of flutes elsewhere. It takes about one month to create a Tom Green flute. There is no assembly-line, and only one maker giving the highest quality of personal care it takes to make the instrument that feels like an extension of your fingers, sings like your inner voice, and is built to last a lifetime.

With 50 years experience as a flute maker, Tom Green shares his skill and integrity with his assortment of affordable quality-inspired flutes. Whether you are a professional or just want to play like one, try a Tom Green flute and experience the difference that fine craftsmanship makes.

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Tom Green Sterling Silver Flute with Pointed Arms

This Tom Green sterling silver flute with pointed arms has drawn tone holes, B foot, white gold springs, and uses the William Bennett Scale.

Tom Green Flute Headjoint #093

This used Tom Green flute headjoint is made of silver.